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Asphalt Construction Products / Services in Durango

Kendall Asphalt Construction offers several products and services for customers in the Four Corners.


Our construction company in Durango has the necessary equipment to complete any job. This includes 3 paving machines and 2 smooth drum rollers in order to pave any size project both residential and commercial. Our skid steers, graders and dump trucks ensure any pre-paving excavation work can be done with precision

We also provide asphalt maintenance services such as patching, crack filling and seal coating. We have extensive equipment to complete these services such as grinders to remove asphalt in preparation for new material as well as crack filling machines and seal coating rigs for spay and squeegee applications. Our contractors always prepare the asphalt surfaces before maintenance by cleaning the existing asphalt with sweepers and blowers to ensure proper application of the protective coatings.

Kendall Asphalt Construction uses an emulsion based seal coating. The reason we choose emulsion over oil based sealer is: Emulsions have fillers to seal rougher areas where straight oil based sealer does not. The main base of an emulsion sealer is oil with added fillers such as latex, clay and sand to provide a better protection for the asphalt and a smoother finish. The water in the emulsion evaporates out leaving the oils and fillers intact while a straight oil based sealer is cut with mineral spirits leaving a broken down oil.

Our company uses CRAFCO PolyFlex3 Crack Sealant.


Kendall Asphalt Construction provides several types of paving services for both residential and commercial clients. From seal coating an existing surface to paving new roads and everything in between, our asphalt contractors specialize in many areas. Whether it’s new construction needing a brand new driveway, removing and replacing or overlaying existing asphalt we can meet your needs. We also provide asphalt maintenance, including crack repair, seal coating and patching pot holes.

We complete paving projects for:

grading steam roller plowerGrading

golf course parking lotGolf Courses

shopping center parking lotShopping Centers

commercial parking lots blacktopCommercial Parking Lots


Private Access RoadsPrivate Access Roads

driveway log cabinDriveways

Apartment Complex Parking LotsApartment Complex Parking Lots

about us train worker asphalt…and other surfaces as well.

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14960 HWY 550 S. Durango, CO 81303 970-903-1245 970-903-3336